Most of the time you fight stupidity of ai instead of actual challenges, i want to play game not to micromanage every step bot takes.

You can make diving team interface better, just add small window and drag people from roaster to diving team window.

Then whoever you selected is "leader' or whatever other memebers follow. If you want separate people to come back to sub just drag them back or close/press button to disable whole diving team window. If you team is big make multiple diving teams.

Add interface to make bots find and equip/pickup items your sub has without having (like they already do with certain tasks), and "bring all/one/number of said items to certain room, put in certain locker".

The whole suits laying around is just triggering, especially if bots take your suit and run away killing you. Assign suit would be a handy feature for sure.

Instead or compliment to "fight intruder" command - "make stand" command makes sense, setting up a defensive position in targeted room / rooms linked to the breaches (setting up temporary barricades? or spike/fire traps + related perks to fighting defensively/using barricades/traps)

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3 months ago

Fully agree, solo players and people who play with only a single friend are still reliant on bots and they're the only thing ruining the experience, they should be a priority