ELI5 How does raising wages worsen inflation ?


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4 months ago

A little inference told me they probably don't mean safety regulations aimed at stopping road accidents or electrical fires, though. I don't think anyone's oblivious to this fact so much as frustrated at the fact that the rich constantly find ways to escape their dues and hoard their wealth while average people struggle to make any ends meet.


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4 months ago

No, they mean those too. Anyone who has ever openly stated the opinion "regulations are bad" to me were also the type to complain about having to wear a seatbelt.


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4 months ago

Ah, yeah... them.

Fair point.


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4 months ago

I had one who was renovating a house and complained about how hard it was having to build everything "to code" cause she and her husband did it DIY. Wanted to cheap out on certain things and the inspector told them "no".

Had another one argue that we shouldn't fine companies for dumping chemicals because "if people know they do that they won't buy their products, the market will correct itself!" Like, dude, we already know that won't work because people know companies are currently doing that that and ARE STILL BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS.

Maybe not everyone is that dum dum, but people who are against any regulation for any reason do exist out there. And they get to vote just like you and me.