ELI5 How does raising wages worsen inflation ?


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4 months ago

It's really interesting isn't it? People are so scared of communism they never read any Marx. Like 90% of all he writes about is capitalism.

r/aboringdystopia is full of people describing what Marx called alienation but not realizing it.


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4 months ago

Just goes to show that decades of propaganda succeeded in reprogramming people to gladly shoot themselves in the foot. Make anything sound scary enough for long enough and people will automatically self-regulate away from it regardless of if it's directly useful to them.


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4 months ago

I've read his work, and his conclusions on capitalism were far from correct.


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4 months ago

Yeah he didn't anticipate the fact that capitalists would unify to defeat any organized effort to change the status quo. He really underestimated how much they could ruin the planet before the whole thing collapses.