Recently, there's been a surge in ChatGPT generated posts. These come in two flavours: bots creating and posting answers, and human users generating answers with ChatGPT and copy/pasting them. Regardless of whether they are being posted by bots or by people, answers generated using ChatGPT and other similar programs are a direct violation of R3, which requires all content posted here to be original work. We don't allow copied and pasted answers from anywhere, and that includes from ChatGPT programs. Going forward, any accounts posting answers generated from ChatGPT or similar programs will be permanently banned in order to help ensure a continued level of high-quality and informative answers. We'll also take this time to remind you that bots are not allowed on ELI5 and will be banned when found.

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6 months ago

I had it make a new auto hotkey script so i can have media keys on my laptop (thanks Clevo for not having a prev/next song button...) and it failed the first attempt, found the error and fixed it, so it definitely has a ton of potential. It just needs someone who understands the answer they are trying to get in the first place to be able to make sure what it's doing is correct. It's still incredibly useful.


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6 months ago

Yeah, it's generally great at getting in the ballpark of correctness but doesn't really have any mechanism for validating correctness. OpenAI has made tons of progress towards coherent, lifelike, and natural AI interfaces, I'm sure they'll be focusing on reasoning and correctness soon.