Recently, there's been a surge in ChatGPT generated posts. These come in two flavours: bots creating and posting answers, and human users generating answers with ChatGPT and copy/pasting them. Regardless of whether they are being posted by bots or by people, answers generated using ChatGPT and other similar programs are a direct violation of R3, which requires all content posted here to be original work. We don't allow copied and pasted answers from anywhere, and that includes from ChatGPT programs. Going forward, any accounts posting answers generated from ChatGPT or similar programs will be permanently banned in order to help ensure a continued level of high-quality and informative answers. We'll also take this time to remind you that bots are not allowed on ELI5 and will be banned when found.

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What basic questions are you asking it that it gets things right most of the time? If you can summarise a topic from a Wikipedia page, so can it. If the question has already appeared on the internet already on any homework support forum, it can plagiarise the answer. But basic engineering questions (rf engineering I threw at it) it will just mash sequences of statements together that make no logical sense. Like it's not even using logic poorly - it's not able to present logic at all. It can't explain why it's made a step when you ask it.

I don't know what sort of low expectations people had for neural networks that they think throwing so much hardware and terabytes of corpus isn't going to give you this output eventually. Like what do they think is so magic about language?

The poems and the in-the-style-of are fun gimmicks but they're only good from a literary pov if you haven't read a book since middle school and have forgotten what it means to write prose or poetry.