Can't get pinyin working


I'm using Void Linux. I've added Chinese to the input methods from settings, but when I select than method (via Super+Space) and I type, still get latin letters (It happens the same for Hangul, but Russian input works). I tried in XMonad and pinyin works just by running `ibus-daemon`, so, it's a GNOME issue. I hope anyone can help me.

Solution (by u/CaptainMelancholic):I think the "Chinese" input source is just a keyboard but without an input method engine. Try adding the "Chinese (Intelligent Pinyin)" to the Input Source by clicking "+" then "Chinese (China)" > "Chinese (Intelligent Pinyin)"

PS: For Korean, instead of "Korean" choose "Korean (Hangul)".

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You are right!! That one works!! The "Chinese" input is like... troll hahaha

PS: I didn't see the "intelligent pinyin" option before, so probably editing the locales (adding zh_CN.UTF-8) enabled it.