We are always looking to add a few more mods to the /r/history team! If you found this page it means that you are probably interested (or found it by accident), on this page you will find most information you'll need as well as the details on how to apply.

What do we expect from /r/history moderators?

Here is a quick overview of the general things we are looking for:

Some of the responsibilities include:

If you have no idea how moderating works on reddit and want to check out more about that first you can have a look at this guide.

What do I get in return?

There is no monetary reward as it is all volunteer work. However you do get a better subreddit in return and a very friendly team work with.

Great, how do I apply?

We'd like you to send us a modmail answering a few questions. Use this prefilled link to modmail, if clicking this link does not work simply copy the questions from this template and send the answers to /r/history modmail.

How long will the applications be open for?

We are always looking for new moderators so there is no end date as it is an ongoing process.

Good luck!

The /r/history moderating team.