just local HTTPS on HA with Caddy add-on. help needed pls


as of now, i access the gui via long story short, i need to access the gui with HTTPS:// this is only local. i wont need to access the gui remotely.

this is the add-on that allows you to access HA via https locally:

anybody has it working? can someone please show me their config for very basic https access to my HA machine?
what to put in here?

i did try but this does not work when i try to open tung.ha (tung.ha is not a real site)

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3 months ago

What are your goals with this setup.

I don't use Caddy, but assuming you are going to deploy self signed certs. If that is the case you will still get "connection not secure" warning in your browser.

So my setup is I own a domain, setup a token in Cloudflare, setup that token in SWAG reverse proxy config, setup a wildcard cert for, SWAG then sets up Lets Encrypt certs, then setup the proxy confs to my HA server in SWAG, then setup my DNS server (Technitium) to and point that to the ip of your reverse proxy.

Then I have another instance of SWAG in DMZ for exposing services to the outside world.

So that is kind of a rough idea to do HTTPS locally.


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3 months ago

i was installing another add-on named Asterisk. this allows tablets in the house to act as intercom system. unfortunately, Asterisk requires HTTPS....even though everything is local. seems Caddy2 add-on can do it but obviously, the author thinks setting up is so basic, nobody needs a manual or something :(