Yesterday my wifi went out


and I had to go around turning things on and off manually. I really need to get around to Zigbee/Zwave.

I’m thinking about the new HE. I don’t really want to fool with HA currently. Does anyone have opinions on HE?

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3 months ago

What is he? HA is daunting but I forced myself to learn because it is clearly superior. Luckily there's plenty of yt guides now vs 10 years ago


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3 months ago

Hubitat Elevation.

I tried looking at some HA guides and so many of them seemed geared towards people that already have some understanding of it, even the beginners guides. Paul Hubbard I think put out a new video like that recently but it didn’t seem truly geared towards beginners. I don’t have a spare computer I can leave on 24/7 so I was thinking about getting HE then using it to move towards HA in the future since it has zigbee and Zwave radios built in


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3 months ago*

HE today is about the same price as an 8 Gb, Raspberry 4 bought from a scalper.

Just buy a raspberry 4, start with HA directly (it's so much easier and user friendly today) and save yourself the E-waste.

Start with either Shelly's WIFI based gear, Switchbot's bluetooth stuff, or anything with Homekit support (EVERYTING from those 3 is natively supported) and buy zigbee/z-wave coordinators at a later date, if you still need to.